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This is the official website of the novel 'Paperless' by Phil Robinson, published fall 2017 by Milltown Press in association with Tellwell Talent.

The various pages of this website explore and explain the historical signficance of the novel, how it was inspired, the mechanics behind its writing and the details of much of the research that culminated in the story.

Where appropriate, short quotes from the novel are provided.

Please feel free to browse through these pages and if you have specific questions of the author you can ask them by email to the address specified in the Contact Us link.

If you wish to follow or make comments on the author's blog you can do so here.

Excerpts From 'Paperless'

"The patient was a child, around five years old, body draped, readied for surgery. There was no need for a respirator or for an anesthetist. The child’s brain had ceased to function several hours earlier from complications associated with a fall. The full complement of hi-tech life support equipment, the only thing sustaining breath and heartbeat, had been removed just moments before the two men arrived. They did not read the child’s chart. They did not see the child’s face."


"Each man returned to his respective scrub station after less than two hours in the operating room, removed his surgical clothing, donned his street clothes and left the operating suite. Neither would know for certain who the other was. Neither would speak of the surgical event to anyone. Each would check his bank account at the end of the day."

"The fiery orb of the sun set ablaze the lichen that draped the branches of the Cyprus trees and made the hanging moss luminescent with an eerie green glow edged with flame, creating massive monsters that hovered menacingly over Vladimir and Julius as if judging between them. Beyond the trees the horizon became a pool of crimson that dripped casually into the water of the bayou, dyeing it with flickering patterns of brilliant color.

As darkness swallowed the remaining light, the ghostly shadows cast by the bearded trees of the bayou in the glow of a rising moon became his only friends. The water was relatively shallow but the wide variation in the shading together with the slow cadence of the vegetation caught in a light, warm breeze provided impenetrable camouflage. At least that’s what Julius hoped. He knew that if he were discovered, his escape would be impossible. In spite of the warmth of the water he couldn’t help but shiver at the prospect, sending out a tiny ripple to the shore that lightly lapped at the boot of his would-be assailant."

Comments From Readers

Awesome reading. Suspenseful and captivating.
- Hank M.

I was hooked! I was glad for spare time to read because I didn't want to put the book down.
- Ed F.

The good news is that I couldn’t put it down; the bad news is that I couldn’t put it down.
- Julie R.

Suspenseful, entertaining, current and, once begun begs to not be put down. ... Phil turns out to be a remarkably astute observer and interpreter
of human nature

- Merold S.

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All Stories have to start somewhere.

Writers, like many other artists, have a kind of awareness radar that is constantly scanning for interesting things.  Painters are more aware of color and texture.  Writers seem more tuned to events and situations that inspire.  Sometimes we stumble over something that intrigues us and our minds wander off on rabbit trails that seem interesting. Our experiences, our careers, our home life, as children and as adults, and myriad other factors make our imaginations unique. No two people would create the same story from the same incident.

So we write about what we know. Much of what we write is already in the realm of our experience but some of it is not. Research is the key that unlocks worlds previously unknown to us and in this modern day of the internet, research is available at our fingertips in ways that were not even concepts a decade or two ago.  Someone once said that there is no such thing as writer's block - it's just an indicator that more research is required.

My vocation in the high tech world and my avocation of aviation provided me with part of the imaginary world of this novel. However, hospitals, health care and human organ trafficking were not even on my radar and required significant research to understand - and then only a mere scratching of the surface.

For those who are interested in how this novel came to be, this website provides narrative and images about its development and links to the various fibres of the story fabric.

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